Wisdom Tooth: Extraction and Post-Operation Recovery

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Wisdom teeth are the final and last set of molars to emerge in your mouth. The onset of these teeth occurs between the ages of 17 to 25, a period in life which has been dubbed as the "Age of Wisdom". Although they are as important as the other teeth in the mouth, having them around can lead to serious dental problems such as gum problems and teeth misalignment.

A wisdom tooth that may erupt sideways, only partially emerged, or become impacted, may lead to pain, facial and gum line swelling. Aside from that, these may also lead to infection cause by food particles trapped in the jaw area behind the wisdom tooth. When any of these conditions arise, dentists would recommend the extraction of the wisdom tooth.

Removing the wisdom teeth is a fairly common oral surgery. However, the procedure is far more complicated than extracting a tooth and involves a lot of post-operation side effects. In severe cases, the procedure is usually done at the hospital.

After extracting the wisdom tooth, the family dentist Atlanta patients visit would recommend five to seven days of rest for recovery. The gum area of the wisdom tooth would take approximately three to four weeks to fully heal. However, if the jaw is damaged during the tooth extraction, it may take up to six months for a full recovery.

After the surgery, patients are expected to experience bleeding, facial swelling, pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are remedies which can be done to keep these post-extraction problems at a level. Bleeding can be prevented by applying moist, clean gauze over the area or by getting stitches for the affected area during the surgery by a family dentist atlanta. Cold or ice compact is a good solution for facial swelling while medications can be taken to prevent pain and discomfort.

It is also important for patients to maintain proper oral hygiene after the extraction. Family dentist Atlanta patients consult advise them to stick to a soft or liquid diet before and after the extraction. Patients may brush and floss their teeth as usual but must avoid the neighboring teeth and gum of the extraction socket. They are also advised to gargle with warm salt water after meals and before going to bed to clean the extraction socket.

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Wisdom Tooth: Extraction and Post-Operation Recovery

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This article was published on 2011/09/27