Wisdom Teeth—Eruption, Impaction, and Extraction

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Any dentist Salt Lake City residents visit often encounters patients who complain about wisdom teeth, which are the third molars; these are called wisdom teeth because they grow out in late adolescence, an age where the person has become “wise.” The dental arch is composed of incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. The molars are divided into three pairs, each growing earlier than the next; the third molars are the last to grow. However, there are actually people with no wisdom teeth.

People commonly experience discomfort or even pain when the wisdom teeth are growing; there are those who even experience mild fever because of the pain. This is attributed to the tooth cutting into the gum or the tooth pressing against another tooth. The wisdom tooth is sometimes removed because it is believed to have no use; humans used to have wider, longer jaws that could accommodate all the teeth without crowding. When humans ate vegetables and relatively softer food, the dental arch grew smaller, resulting in crowding aggravated by the growth of wisdom teeth.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is not necessary if these grow vertically like all the other teeth. However, there are those who get their wisdom teeth extracted anyway. The dentist Salt Lake City Utah pilots and submariners visit know that these professions need to have the wisdom teeth removed because wisdom teeth supposedly heighten discomfort from cabin pressure. Airline pilots and Air Force pilots are required to have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Wisdom tooth extraction may be done by pulling it out with dental pliers as with any other tooth. These are given either topical anesthesia or injected regional anesthesia that numbs the inferior alveolar nerve and the lingual nerve. The pliers are curved to reach the innermost part of the mouth. Some dentists use a device that keeps the patient’s mouth wide open.

A different kind of extraction is needed if the wisdom tooth is impacted. This means that the wisdom tooth grows sideways. Symptoms of this include recurrent pain around the tooth or along the entire jaw, partial eruption, and sometimes recurrent gingivitis. Impacted wisdom teeth are the common causes of malocclusion (uneven dental alignment); wisdom teeth are almost always extracted prior to wearing braces.

In case of impacted teeth, any dentist Salt Lake City residents approach performs surgical extraction. This includes having to remove a small portion of the alveolar bone along with the wisdom tooth itself. Potent injected anesthesia is applied before the procedure; after the procedure, the wound is sewn closed. The dentist prescribes painkillers and antibiotics and other hygienic methods such as biting on gauze to minimize oozing; the sutures are removed once the wound has healed.

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Wisdom Teeth—Eruption, Impaction, and Extraction

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Wisdom Teeth—Eruption, Impaction, and Extraction

This article was published on 2011/11/16